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The mission of The Maplewood Foundation is to provide continuing and growing financial support to the organizations, new and established, dedicated to improving the quality of life of all our residents. A donation today ensures a sustainable source of grant funding for years to come, enabling us to meet our community’s ever-changing needs.

The town of Maplewood, New Jersey, is known for being unafraid to acknowledge its challenges and going above and beyond to resolve them. We can see that in the dozens of nonprofits focused exclusively on serving our residents, and the countless hours our neighbors dedicate to volunteerism.

Today, those nonprofits rely on annual giving and public funds, both of which can ebb and flow. And new ideas are difficult to launch for people who have great vision, but no access to capital or the know-how to form a nonprofit.

A donation to The Maplewood Foundation is invested into a fund for a longer-term and wider impact within the community. Through its grant-giving process, the Foundation will give away approximately 4% to 5% of its investments each year, focusing public attention on programs creating a better future for our neighbors.

To learn more about the Foundation, download “A Vision For Giving in Maplewood, New Jersey” here.

Become a Founding Donor

Give in 2023 and you will be forever recognized as a Founding Donor, and your gift will improve the lives of all Maplewoodians for generations to come.


The Maplewood Foundation belongs to all of us. No gift is too big or too small.

Areas of Focus ​

The Foundation supports charitable, educational, literary and scientific purposes that promote multiple programs benefiting the community of Maplewood, New Jersey, including:

Enhancement of Public Education
Youth Recreation
Educational Scholarships
Support for Senior Citizens
Racial Inclusion and Equity
Countering Climate Change
Environmental Protection
Programs for Individuals with Special Needs
Promotion of the Arts
Emergency Relief for Residents

Climate & Environmental Stewardship

Diversity, Equity & Inclusion

Educational Scholarships

Emergency Relief for Residents

Enhancement of Public Education

Programs for Individuals with Special Needs

Promotion of the Arts

Support for Senior Citizens

Youth Recreation

Grant Eligibility

Initially, the Foundation will award up to $45,000 annually in Program grants to established nonprofits dedicated to launching innovative and high-impact programs, or building their capacity to provide existing programs. In addition, the Foundation will grant one or two Seed grants of up to $5,000 each to organizations with new ideas that will add to the rich mix of programs available in our community. These organizations must demonstrate that they have the ability to achieve their goals, but lack sufficient capital and/or resources to gain nonprofit status and realize their vision.

If your organization does not meet the criteria to be eligible for a Program grant, the Foundation still wants to hear from you. You may be able to amend your proposal to become eligible, or find that you qualify for a Seed grant.

Applicants are strongly encouraged, but not required, to apply using the online form. They may also use our downloadable application and apply via email at, or by post at P.O. Box 433, Maplewood, NJ 07040.

Applicant’s method of application will not impact consideration.

2023 Grant Timeline

April 17

Letters of Intent due (preferred but not required)

May 15

Notification to prospective grantees who submitted a LOI inviting them to submit a Program or Seed application

June 9 - September 1

Grant applications accepted (If you did not submit a Letter of Intent, you may still submit a grant application.)

September 1, 11:59 PM

Application period closed


Grant winners announced

December 2

Award celebration

April 17

Letters of Intent due
(preferred but not required)

May 15

Notification to prospective grantees who submitted a LOI inviting them to submit a Program or Seed application

June 1 - September 1

Grant applications accepted (If you did not submit a Letter of Intent, you may still submit a grant application.)

September 1,
11:59 PM

Application period closed


Grant winners announced

December 2

Award celebration


 Our board represents the diversity of our community. If you’re interested in joining as either a board or committee member, email us at


Attorney, Appellate Litigation; Former Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Maplewood

“Maplewood is a beautiful town with beautiful people - diverse, engaged, entertaining, and caring.”
70 years in Maplewood

SUSAN PROFETA, Grants Committee

Internal Medicine Physician

“Maplewood is its people - diverse but working together to create what Dr. King called the beloved community.”
53 years in Maplewood

BETH DAUGHERTY, 2nd VP, Grants & Development Committees

Former Management Consultant and SOMA Board of Education President

“I love that Maplewood is an active, engaged, diverse community that embraces tough issues head on.”
31 Years in Maplewood

JADE DEAN, Grants & Development Committees

Real Estate Development Consultant

“I love that Maplewood has a small-town feel with a diverse, involved community.”
9 Years in Maplewood

CAROL FARDIN, Development & Events Committees

Realtor at Keller Williams Midtown Direct

“Maplewood is a hidden gem. There is something for everyone, the village is so charming, the homes are unique, and the people embrace progression and culture.”
22 Years in Maplewood

SANDI GOODMAN, Development Committee

CEO & Co-founder, Homeowner’s Hub

"I love Maplewood for its commitment to diversity, supporting the maintenance of a healthy environment and for providing a beautiful and safe place to raise children."
26 Years in Maplewood

RICK GREENBERG, Communications Committee

CEO, Torch/Amplify

“What I love about Maplewood is its diversity, sense of community, and beautiful trees.”
18 Years in Maplewood

KIEONNA HILL, Events Committee

Behavioral Healthcare Manager; Founder of MAPSO Legends

“What I love about Maplewood is its diversity. I love interacting with people from different backgrounds.”
21 Years in Maplewood

CHRISTIE HUUS, Development & Events Committees

EVP Public Affairs, New Jersey Economic Development Authority

"Being fairly new to Maplewood, I was immediately taken with the sense of community and the spirit of the people. It's a very special place to live and raise a family."
3 Years in Maplewood

GREG LEMBRICH, Treasurer, Investments Committee

New York Life Insurance Company; Former Maplewood Township Committee Member

"Maplewood boasts the best of urban sophistication and vibrant culture with the close-knit camaraderie of a small-town community.”
16 Years in Maplewood

FRANK MCGEHEE, Development & Events Committees

Senior Analytical Marketing Executive at Disney; Former Mayor and Deputy Mayor of Maplewood

“I love the people of Maplewood, our robust arts community and culture.”
10 Years in Maplewood

ROSEMARY OSTMANN, Communications Committee Chair

Founder & CEO, RoseComm

“What I love about Maplewood is you never stop meeting interesting people and they come here because they want to be part of a strong, caring community.”
11 Years in Maplewood

KRISTY RANIERI, Communications Committee

Ranieri Communications

“What I love about Maplewood is the creative and vibrant people and place.”
17 years in Maplewood

AARON RYAN, Communications & Development Committees

President, NorthRock-X

“My family absolutely loves Maplewood. It’s the perfect urban/suburban vibe that delivers opportunities to be creative, celebrate diversity, and support local activity and commerce.”
12 Years in Maplewood

BECKY SCHEER, Secretary, Grants Committee Chair

Senior Research Associate, Action Research Partners

“I love that there are so many different ways to get involved in Maplewood! There’s a spirit of helpfulness and kindness.”
6 Years in Maplewood

ERIN R. SCHERZER, Grants Committe

Executive Director, Neufeld Scheck & Brustin, LLP

"What I love about Maplewood is the shared passion to fight for a more equitable and more just world. "
10 years in Maplewood

ED STUART, Development & Investments Committees

Founding Member, RegentAtlantic Capital, Retired

"I love Maplewood because it has been a diverse and welcoming place to raise my family."
30 years in Maplewood

VEDA TRUESDALE, 1st VP, Events Committee Chair

Environmental and Social Science Researcher

“Maplewood is a beautiful town full of generous and interesting people who really engage with their neighbors.”
10 Years in Maplewood

TAYLOR VALENTINE, Development Committee

Executive Partner, big

"Our family came to Maplewood in search of an active, caring, and inclusive community. We found all of these in spades."
4 Years in Maplewood


Organization will gift approximately 5% of its assets annually as grants in support of established organizations and aspiring charitable causes

The Maplewood Foundation, a nonprofit that aims to take philanthropic giving to another level locally, announced its formation today.

The Maplewood Foundation, a 501(c)(3) philanthropic community foundation dedicated to improving the quality of life of all Maplewood residents, today announced non-profit organizations interested in participating in the 2023–24 annual grant cycle can submit a Letter of Intent (LOI) on or before Apr. 17, 2023.

Upcoming Events

Celebrate Maplewood!

An evening to honor our inaugural grantees and founding donors! Buy tickets here!

If you would like to pay for the tickets by check, please send an email with the number you would like to purchase and the names of your guests to and mail a check to The Maplewood Foundation, PO Box 433, Maplewood, NJ 07040.

Frequently asked questions

What is a community foundation and how is it different from a private foundation?

A community foundation raises money from the public to provide grants to nonprofit organizations dedicated to improving the lives of people in a specific geographic area. It is supported by a broad base of individuals, families and organizations and provides an established administrative and grant-making structure. A private foundation is generally funded by a single source, such as an individual, family or a corporation and does not seek funds from the public. All donations to The Maplewood Foundation are tax deductible to the full extent allowed by the IRS.

How many grants will The Maplewood Foundation give each year and at what levels?

The number and amount of the grants given will depend on the assets available. The Maplewood Foundation set an initial goal of raising at least $1 million in its first year, which will enable the organization to give at least $40,000 in grants in late 2023.

Is The Maplewood Foundation affiliated with the town of Maplewood in any way?

No, The Maplewood Foundation is an independent nonprofit awaiting approval of its application for 501(c)(3) status with the Internal Revenue Service.

What percentage of my donation covers administrative costs?

The percentage will depend on the amount of the Foundation’s invested assets and will decrease as the fund grows. Assuming an initial amount of $1 million, approximately 3% of this total will cover investment management and limited overhead costs, such as accounting, legal counsel and website maintenance and hosting. The remainder of the administrative work and grant-making are done by volunteer trustees. We have no paid staff or commercial rent.

Who decides which organizations or people get grants?

The Grants Committee, comprised of trustees, reviews the applications and selects finalists. The Board of Trustees votes on and decides the final grant recipients.

Who manages the Foundation’s assets and how is their performance monitored?

The Maplewood Foundation's board of trustees chose CI RegentAtlantic of Morristown following a review of firms in the area. With more than $6 billion under management, RegentAtlantic has deep expertise in working with nonprofits to create investment strategies aligned with their missions. The Investment Committee of the board provides input on asset allocation and general oversight of fund performance.

Do your trustees have term limits and how can I become a trustee?

No. Board members serve staggered three-year terms. If you’re interested in joining as either a board or committee member, email us at

Do you have to be a 501(c)(3) to apply for a grant?

Program grants will only be given to organizations that are 501(c)(3)s or have a fiscal sponsor that is a 501(c)(3).  Aspiring nonprofits are eligible for our Seed grants. See our grant eligibility requirements for more information.

How do you ensure grants are used as intended?

Applicants for grants from The Maplewood Foundation will be required to state specific objectives and measurable goals upon which their success will be measured. The trustees will meet with grant recipients and require progress reporting mid-way through and upon completion of the two-year grant period, including an accounting of disbursements.

Why give to The Maplewood Foundation and not directly to a nonprofit?

We strongly encourage people to continue giving directly to their favorite causes. Giving to The Maplewood Foundation is a different kind of gift. A donation today ensures a sustainable source of grant funding for years to come, enabling us to meet our community’s ever-changing needs and ensuring Maplewood remains a community that cares about its people.

P.O. Box 433, Maplewood,

NJ 07040

General inquiries:

Media contact:


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